Bosch Rexroth

BOSCH locates its dealerships

via MDL by MOONDA.




Bosch Rexroth is seeking a dealer locator!

A tender for a ‘dealer locator’.

The initial data: 96 countries, 40 languages, multi-criteria and multi-sectoral searches...Several European agencies are involved including Bosch’s in-house IT service.

One preliminary report and one decision later and we get the contract for our MDL (MOONDA Dealer Locator) platform.




Because MDL is flexible, rapidly implemented, mobile/desktop compatible, has a multilingual configuration and, above all, because it has complex search options based on a multi-criteria approach, it is the perfect solution for Bosch Rexroth.

MDL is also very accessible from the cost point of view because of its design, which is another reason why Bosch Rexroth chose it.  







Version mobile Bosch


Symfony 2 / Google Maps API / Bootstrap

The new star of MVC frameworks is particularly suitable for this kind of project where the data model, if central to the app, should not actually remain set.  If we add to that a few specific constraints, such as an area of responsibility defined by postal code in some countries, flexibility becomes one of the main criterias when choosing technology and Symfony 2 was the clear winner.


From a front end point of view, the app takes advantage of many of the services provided by the Google Maps API.  In addition to the maps, the inverse (or not) geolocation and the itinerary are determined using Google Maps via requests made on the client side.

The use of Bootstrap for the back office interface made it possible to rapidly create a pleasant and familiar interface for the administrator.



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