MOONDA optimises the online presence of the FAYAT group and its subsidiairies.


The project

The Fayat group's digital strategy

FAYAT: France’s fourth biggest construction and civil engineering group, with a presence in 120 countries, 18,000 employees and 18 independent subsidiaries...

The brief?  To design FAYAT’s digital communications and include all its subsidiaries and different divisions...all in one programme!  Our response was both creative and technical, which was good enough for FAYAT and we won the contract.

We then began work on designing the FAYAT website, putting its completed projects and international network at the forefront.

Then we set up a specialised web communications platform: MDWS.

In addition to the group’s website makeover, FAYAT can now (completely independently) offer a website to each entity in its network.

We rounded off this mission by designing a mobile version of the group’s website.

The result?  We have given FAYAT a consistent digital identity, greater impact and better visibility.

Six months after the launch, fifteen subsidiary websites are online or under construction.  And that’s just the beginning!




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