Tango John Deere

MOONDA gets the TANGO dancing for John Deere.



Strategic repositioning

When launching their latest innovative product, TANGO, the usual promotion methods weren’t really up to expressing the true capabilities of this new machine.

An intelligent, simple and innovative response...crying out for a controlled digital approach.

That’s why we designed this banner to show just what the real Tango can do.  The Tango moves randomly around the page and returns to its charging station from time to time to recharge.






Woooow !


The banner recorded a huge click rate for a niche product, nearly 40 times more than a classic animated banner.

Once again, a different and digital approach to communication proves its worth.






Not a day goes by without a developer singing the praises of JQuery, ‘The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library’.

Over and above what might seem like an excuse for laziness, this library (which is used on nearly 450,000 websites) replaces a very verbose code with a clear syntax and supports certain compatibility constraints that are essential to this type of project.  Because, not only does this app need to be compatible with most browsers (including 1E6), it is also designed to appear on a wide range of websites without interfering with their interface.



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