Lamborghini Aventador 700-4 roadster

MOONDA for LAMBORGHINI: Who wants to test drive the Aventador 700-4 Roadster? 




Launch of the Aventador 700-4 Roadster

This is the fifth time that we’ve taken part in a product launch for this iconic Italian brand, but each time is unique. The Aventador 700-4 Roadster is a complete program in itself combining luxury, technical mastery, design, rigour, control, structure (plus a touch of madness)   …. Heaven on wheels!

Lamborghini + Miami… equal one of the greatest and most skilfully executed extravaganzas we’ve ever seen.  Don’t you just love it?!





MGM: Who wants to test drive the Aventador 700-4 Roadster in Miami?

Take a wide selection of international invitees, including lucky individuals and journalists from the specialist and general media, define the expectations of all those people and take care of the management, organise the flow and deliver information in real time on each person’s expectations...that’s what MGM is all about. 




To sum up, even if the question is simple and everybody is bound to say yes, the answer and the detail involved creates a whole world of complexity.   MGM had to manage the invitations, the confirmations, flight arrivals, transport, meals, test drives, expectations...and then the feedback followed by the acknowledgements. 


MGM Lamborghini


What is MGM ?

MOONDA Guest Management – a.k.a. MGM – is a solution based on Symfony that provides event organisers with all the tools they need to simplify and automate the routine tasks involved in their business.

In addition to integrating an emailing solution, ultra-fine segmentation of guests and import/export features to Microsoft Excel, MGM also offers great flexibility.  This is due to its modular approach and its system of templates that enable the brand to retain its corporate identity and deliver a pleasant and immersive user experience reflecting one of the essential aspects of Lamborghini’s communications strategy.

For more information about this tool, please contact MOONDA RETAIL 

who can inform you up to the slightest details of MGM’s features.



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