We are
David E. Co-founder-MOONDA David

Co-founder & CEO

David is one of MOONDA’s two co-founders. His role is to ensure that MOONDA always offers the optimum strategy: "We don’t have rules, only goals to achieve. Our clients should expect solutions that are creative, controlled, innovative and technically accomplished."


Co-founder & CEO

Rik is one of MOONDA’s two co-founders and is responsible for carrying through the agency’s strategic vision internationally. He ensures that the team offers the best communication strategies, putting brands in touch with customers, focusing on outcome and providing clear differentiation.


Chief Technology Officer

Norman is our technology officer and is at the epicentre of a team of integrators and developers. He guarantees the quality of our apps and manages the agency’s technological choices.


Creative Director

Coralie is one of life’s optimists and, luckily for us, she takes care of the creative side of the agency. She is convinced that she is most creative at 2pm!


Account Director - France

Pauline is in charge of MOONDA’s development in France. She assists major brands in the definition of their strategies. She brings her contagious enthusiasm to every meeting and consultation.


Finance & Administration

Sophie takes care of the administration side of the business, but overall we can say that she keeps the MOONDA show on the road.


Consulting & Project management

Mike manages projects for international clients on the MOONDA Retail platforms, such as MDWS and MDL. He also provides marketing support and monitoring for numerous ongoing projects.


Consulting & Project management

Management of briefs, technical response, support and maintenance, etc. Helen is the main contact on the MyDWS project for John Deere dealerships and distributors in Europe.

Elodie Elodie

Consulting & Project management

Elodie is our specialist in digital project consultancy and management. At MOONDA she transforms requirements into briefs, problems into solutions


Development & System administration

In addition to his expertise in Java/Android development, Alexis is also, and above all, our Systems Administrator. So it’s Alexis that you have to thank for our servers’ record uptimes.


Consulting & Project management

Claire is in charge of the development of MOONDA Event. She manages the implementation of custom interactive features. She also writes for CultureEvenement.com. Discrete et efficient at work, her sense of humor can come as quite a surprise, a pleasant one of course.


Commercial assistant

Tatiana is in charge of providing marketing support and monitoring to our Russian clients for the MOONDA Retail platforms.


Art Director

Jérôme brings equal creativity to our clients’ projects as he does to enlivening the agency. His experience as a photographer is a bonus to our projects.


Development & Engineering

You will find Julien in his office behind heaps of Kinect, Arduino and other devices. He’s our Flash expert and is always on the lookout for new event related technology.


Office manager

Anne, keeps an eye on everything from behind her big glasses. She manages, sorts, classifies, informs and edits heaps of documents and takes care of those little details that make life easy for the rest of the team.


Development & Engineering

Lionel is an avid fan of eZPublish, a seasoned integrator who, over time, has become a specialist in responsive web design.


Development & Engineering

Yohan not only has the gift of contagious good humour, he is also a whiz at Wordpress and an ace at social media APIs.

Yuna Yuna

Strategic planning

Yuna takes care of digital strategies. She supports our teams throughout the strategic and creative design process with benchmarking, moodboards, recommendations, articles, white papers and more.


Consulting & Project management

Florence arrives every morning with her bike and her good mood. She manages projects for international clients in French, in English and in German.


Art Director

Nicolas always has the right design response to a strategic concept. He is fast, efficient and always calm.


International Business Consulting

Julia is in charge of MOONDA’s development in Europe (excluding France). Her boundless enthusiasm rubs off on the rest of the team.


Traffic management

Declan may have abandonned the idea that his French collegues will one day pronounce his name correctly, but he has not lost track of the acquisition and traffic goals set by his clients! So British, he does not need to use the charm of his English accent to shine at MOONDA.

Kevin Kevin

Project management

Kevin is a Digital Project Manager for MOONDA. He is mostly in charge of International projects but he does occasionally work on National projects. As a digital Swiss knife, he is efficient everywhere, apart from maybe table-football.

Daniela Daniela


Curious by nature and passionate about graphic design, Daniela loves discovering new things and people. What more to ask for our creative team?

Sophie Sophie

Project Management Assistant

Sophie joined our team to help out our project managers on the German market. Curious and enthousiastic, her laugh can get very contagious in the open space.

Jonathan Jonathan

Development & Engineering

Jonathan is part of the development team. Even though Prestashop is no longer a secret for him, he is always rummaging around for new technologies to discover.

Ugo Ugo

Development & Engineering

Ugo is one of our developers. Passionate about video games, he would have loved to say that he is a big fan of the opera.

Guillaume Guillaume

Development & Engineering

Guillaume integrated our technical team to work on both networks and development. Passionate and willing to work hard, he loves good work that makes everyone's life easy. We couldn't agree more!

Marie Marie

Assistant communications officer

When she is not on a handball field or bodyboarding, Marie acts as our assistant communications officer! Sociable, accurate and dynamic, she has all the essentiel qualities in order to tweet, pin and mention with panache on behalf of the agency. She is also our operational support for PR and communication in a larger sense.

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