And the gaming goes mobile.
We created Orange Jeux, the store application desired to play with on Android mobile.
Rebuilding the historical Orange Appshop

Orange came to MOONDA with the idea to redesign the Appshop, its historical store of Android apps and games. In the end, MOONDA was the one to convice the marketing team that it is worth to take on this challenge. In line with a successful first collaboration with the operator for the national launch of their unlimited mobile games offer “all you can play”, we were briefed for redesigning the shop dedicated to gaming.

"Orange jeux": a new showcase for its unlimited offer

MOONDA is proud to present “Orange Jeux”. More than an app store, this new mobile platform is a strategic business contact point! It does not only offer a solid showcase for its unlimited subscription and its freemium gaming policy, the two key offerings of the gaming division but the app also marks the legitimacy of being the leader in the gaming industry, an essential component of its content and entertainment strategy.

Custom-made content for an optimal customer experience

For this unlimited offer, Orange has teamed up with the major game publishers on the market and builds on the capabilities of its networks to offer a wide range of games and a great customer experience. Sensitizing all targets to this rich and qualitative offer was all the challenge of designing Orange Jeux !

We have segmented targets and drafted user stories to provide customized user paths for each profile and ensure that all conversion goals are met.

The ergonomics and contents of the application are thus adapted to each user, to meet the expectations and needs of all :

subscribers to unlimited subscription

subscribers to the predecessor, the 3 Euros Pass

classical Orange subscribers

Efficiency of features and clarity of offer

Our leitmotiv during the design workshops: allow users to easily locate themselves in the proposed dense offer!

A clear game sheet for dense information

Game name, icon, PEGI pictogram, weight, description, screenshots, notes, reviews ... all the key information are present but the call-to-action remains highlighted.

The download manager, to follow one's downloads

The download manager is fundamental to an app store linked to an offer of mobile games at will. Clear and efficient.

A search engine to find your favorite games

Self-completion and adapted calls-to-action ensure a quick and easy way to access the game sheet or directly download a specific game.

A tutorial to accompany onboarding

Explanatory slides allow new users to quickly browse the main features of the app at the start or at the menu.

Seasonality and categorization of content

The tops and selections value the most relevant content, an effective way to show the caution from Orange.

Event highlights

Depending on business news and user profile, the background of the home screen and promotional banners dress in the colors of the partners.

Immersion in the Orange universe

As for graphic design, the challenge was to suggest a rich offer while quickly immersing the user in a universe that is 100% Orange.

La couleur orange a été appliquée par petites touches, en association avec des nuances de gris.
Nous avons intégré la "Helvetica Neue" dans le respect de la marque Orange.
Anticipant la diversité des visuels jeux et promo, nous avons opté pour un design simple, sobre mais ludique.
Quand chaque call-to-action est capital pour optimiser les conversions, le flat design apporte une lisibilité maximale.
Pour faciliter la compréhension et la navigation, les vignettes des jeux sont caractérisées par des coins arrondis tandis que les coins carrés différencient les boutons d'action.
The directional pad as a symbol

Beyond the general design of the mobile interface, we have created its logotype as well as an application style guide. When the competitors positioned themselves on the symbol of the joystick, we opted for the directional pad in order to give the platform a clear but differentiating identity: capitalize on movement and action rather than support. Again, degraded background and inline processing fit perfectly into the brand’s corporate identity.

A large-scale technical challenge

To carry out this project, we have collaborated with Docomo Digital, Orange’s historic partner. Mastering the catalog of partners of the brand, this specialist in the distribution of digital content and online payment has produced back-end development, while MOONDA has been charged with ergonomics, front design as well as front-end development.

Our team worked on a native Android application that is characterized by the adaptability it must demonstrate :

  1. Compatible with all Android devices.
  2. Optimization for all screens.
  3. Managing behaviors of manufacturer modifications to Android.
  4. Updates automatically deployed by Orange.
  5. Numerous upcoming evolutions to enrich the user experience.
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