Feels like home.
A campaign to boost traffic on the Bosch Effizienzhaus online configurator.

Considering the energy retrofit of your home is a complex process… The online configurator of Bosch makes it easier to allow users to model their home and discover the best options available to them. MOONDA has taken up the challenge of boosting traffic on this online configurator !

Modernization of the roof, replacement of windows, insulation of exterior walls and ceilings, photovoltaic systems and heating technologies… we have decided to clarify the voice and focus on customer benefit from the online configuration tool: “100,000 possibilities for your renovation project!”

Because there is no single energy retrofit solution, each small island represents a different possibility for the end customer. The different visuals of houses allow the visitors to project themselves in their own project, according to their wish. Illustrative 3D processing is used to symbolize creation, projection, infinity. The counter represents the 100,000 possible combinations that result from a technical calculation.

Some supports allow us to animate the small islands and the counter, for more visual impact. For this 100% multichannel campaign, we have combined the impact of print ads, mailings, ad-editorial, banners and newsletters. And with an optimal search for efficiency, we have even realized local adaptations of this campaign so that every German region is even more concerned !

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