Difficult to talk about transit?
A Community Wall for the Hépar livestream #ChezMoiOnDit

To launch its now famous campaign “Chez moi on dit”, the brand of rich in magnesium water organized a press conference that was broadcast live on social networks. In order to encourage the commitment of the Internet users to the brand and the launch, they wanted to set up a central animation, entirely personalized to the theme of the event and favoring the virality of the operation through social networks.

By offering a Community Wall around the hashtag #ChezMoiOnDit, MOONDA has helped to boost the exchanges throughout the event and to increase the brand’s reputation on social networks. A conversational campaign for which Internet users have to… let go !

An inspirational base of
local expressions
More than
9 800
#CheZMoiOnDit during the week of the launch