Coding is a child's play.
We redesigned the Play'n'Code mobile app, the video game to teach children how to code.
Play'n'Code, a great adventure full of puzzles

Early Birds Studio is the editor of a video game that is getting a lot of attention: Play’n’Code. The principle? Be the support of fun learning of programming for children from 8 to 12 years old. This adventure video game, only available on computers for usability reasons, allows students to integrate code concepts while having fun. The startup was met with tremendous success and has rapidly developed a mobile application to accompany the parents of the wannabe programmers.

The mission for MOONDA: rethinking this application Companion

The Companion application offered very useful but unclear and unattractive features for the user. When our thoughts were primary UX-oriented, leading towards end users, we had to keep in mind the business challenge: this application should be a bridge towards conversions.

The first workstream was to structure the content and improve the navigation experience. After mapping and structuring the work, we applied the Material Design guidelines.

Then we worked on the incentive to buy. We have integrated this notion within the screens, specifically assigning it the color orange, showing the limit of the test period and exposing the client or non client status.

Finally we clarified the utility of the application in relation to the video game by integrating a tutorial and helpers. We also created bridges between them by imagining new features like sending the download link by email or an encouragement to their child.

Modernize but preserve the universe of the game

Throughout our creative work, the challenge was to make the interface attractive and modern while retaining the mysterious and 3D world of the game. Therefore we made strong graphic choices.

Opening the app

Adding the name "Companion" to the logo to brand the app. Using a video clip demo in the background splashcreen.

Discovering the screens

Integration of a boosted blue to energize the screens. Styling of the buttons thanks to the TTY character to guide the users.

Global experience

Clarity, simplicity and modernity of the Material Design for the choice of typography, pictograms and the color of the backgrounds.

This redesign was a real game of balancing to find the right dose between the childish universe of the original game and the serious effect that must reassure the parents. In short, addressing the right target !
Focus on pedagogy !

There is no reason not to apply the same pedagogical approach to children as to parents. Especially because teaching to code can give parents a feeling of helplessness against the technological innovations integrated by their children! We have therefore injected new content (tips, advice & FAQ) that allow parents to accompany their children !

What you've done is just incredible, I never thought I'd have an app that is also smart! Beyond being beautiful, it helps parents understand the challenges and encourage them to buy.
- Christelle Plissonneau, CEO Early Birds Studio.
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