1200 leads in 6 days.
Haier's custom-made and interactive experience at trade shows.
Animate a show of international importance

Every year in September, all home appliance professionals meet at the international IFA trade show in Berlin, the reference event for consumer electronics.
For Haier, it is the opportunity to present its latest products and to establish its position as european leader. The brand addressed MOONDA to design and implement the flagship digital animation of its stand.

With Pick & Scan, the product is at the heart of the experience.

Visibility of the brand at the trade show, creation of traffic at the stand, generation of leads … To meet these objectives, MOONDA has decided to rely on a product-oriented system which makes it possible to attract visitors and keep the link with the brand even after the event.

We designed a giant wall of 600 post-it blocks, 30,000 entertaining opportunities for the trade show visitors to win tablets and other goodies from the brand through an interactive application and image recognition system !

A fun application to boost interactions

On each of the 30,000 detachable papers was printed a product packshot of a product. The procedure for visitors? Remove the post-it of their choice, present the picture to the camera of a Haier tablet and try to win tablets and other goodies of the brand.

Scan du post-it détaché via système de reconnaissance d'image.
Affichage des informations du produit sélectionné.
Qualification du lead via un formulaire très simple.
Qualification du lead via un formulaire très simple.
Décompte pour l'annonce de l'instant gagnant...
C'est gagné ! Lead généré !
  1. Attracted by the giant post-it wall, visitors will approach the Haier stand.
  2. The hostess invites to participate in the interactive animation of the stand.
  3. Visitors observe the images printed on the giant wall and detach the post-it of his choice.
  4. They approach the iPad app with their post-it.
  5. The hostess supports the visitors during the use of the tablet.
Business statistics beyond interactive animation.

Based on image recognition, the interactive application was the key to generate strategic statistics for Haier !

Thanks to our tracking system and detailed reports, the brand was able to obtain quantitative and qualitative data on the visitors’ product preferences according to their choice of post-it… and afterwards gathering even more general information about its targets and markets.

Focusing on the results

Mixing print media, digital application and interactions with a hostess, this experience was a perfect example of multichannel efficiency!

30 000
post-its removed
leads generated in 6 days
happy winners
Quantitative feedback on
Haier products