The FrenchTech reunited for #LGJ2017
A social Wall to animate The Grand Junction 2017

The Grand Junction is an iconic meeting for the ecosystem of Bordeaux because it establishes a direct link between the professionals of the classical economy and those of the digital economy through testimonies of local and international actors, conferences and workshops. For this year’s edition, 1600 professionals were expected to exchange around the themes of animation, transmedia and virtual reality. MOONDA’s mission was to digitize, boost and vitalize this vivid and rich debate.

The organizers were looking for a digital, interactive and entertaining animation to encourage the guests to react directly to the different conferences given. We set up a Social Wall which we projected on a 16-meter screen installed in the Palais des Congres. Challenge accepted for our responsive and therefore totally adaptable Social Wall. The principle? Value the messages of the visitors that appear after a modern visual animation, emphasize the photos and images shared on the social network Twitter, and boost the use of hashtag #LGJ2017 … Of course, moderating ruels had been put up in coordination with the organizers to avoid displaying any sensitive content.

1 600
registrations at the Grand Junction
3 500
tweets to moderate
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