Did you say 35 000 collaborators ?
We digitized the internal communication of the Legrand Group.
10 communication tools to audit in depth

The Legrand Group needs to diffuse a great number of news and hundreds of information internally as well as externally. But communicating with 35,000 employees is not always easy!

Over the years, the internal communication service has created lots of new communication tools to fit to the needs of the company. This created a vast ecosystem that ultimately lost impact and consistency.

The global intranet

The intranet sections of Business Units

On-site TV screens

On-site display spaces



The paper magazine

The webzine

Enterprise social network

The group's video space

10 internal communication media audited with 55 criteria
Quantitative analyses

We developed a precise survey to obtain statistics and views on the current ecosystem. The survey was distributed internationally, in French and English, in both paper and digital formats.

Qualitative research

We conducted individual telephone interviews as well as focus groups and World Café workshops for insights from employees and the internal communication department.

These actions were followed by a phase of analysis and synthesis to allow the definition of short, medium and long term recommendations.
In search of meaning and ultra-personalization

While the precise results of the audit are of course confidential, the main trend that has emerged is the search for meaning and personalization of the content. We have submitted a detailed audit report specifying the areas of focus to work on as well as the operational actions to be put in place.

A post-audit action plan

While some substantive recommendations are long-term projects such as a editorial strategy, targeting, customization or internationalization of content, other recommendations were quickly put in place by the agency :

Thematic content charter

We have developed a graphic charter to organize and thematize the internal communication of the Group. Objectives: clarity and pedagogy !

Internal communication campaign

We have designed and created an unprecedented internal campaign to raise awareness among all employees of future optimizations.

Animated infographics

We have proposed a new format of speaking internally that is playful, attractive and thus effective for the teams: video infographics.

Graphical redesign of the intranet

We modernized and simplified the graphical interface of the Intranet while respecting the technical and functional constraints of the technical environment.

Editorial tracking and metrical analysis

We have set up a weekly editorial committee based on an editorial plan. We have also written an analytics tracking plan to monitor the performance and use of tools.

Challenge achieved

We sensitized the group to the digitization of its internal communication ecosystem.

workshops at headquarters
employees in World Café workshops
A group of
35 000
months of auditing
tools audited
1 200
internal participants