One for all and all for one.
We have equipped 370 dealers of the world leader in agricultural machinery dealers with a customized website that is aligned with the global image of the brand and the network.

One of the main issues of a network is to unite all its members under a single banner. That was the challenge we had to meet with the european distribution network of the world's leader agricultural machinist

The key was to offer dealers better visibility through an unprecedented and custom-made digital communication tool.

A strategic bias: A site generator for the world leader agricultural machinist

We created an online communication platform capable of generating a dealer website design customized to each member of the network.

  1. The site generator is an online communication platform that equips the network of the world leader agricultural machinist with fully customized professional websites.
  2. Each member of the network can benefit from a professional website that is linked to the brand and can be managed on the local level.
  3. Updates, promo offers, banners and brand news are relayed within the network in one click.
  4. A personal contact module facilitates the connection with the dealerships.
  5. The Dealer Locator module has doubled the traffic on the website and the network.
  6. A data analysis strategy is implemented to develop the platform continuously.
A "liquid layout" for a customization of each site

We have created a simplified management system to produce responsive content across a single interface. In this way, each dealer is able to create and edit N content modules for ultra-customized graphic designs.

Corporate modules



News and news feed

Social network

Product modules

New products

Products of other brands

Used equipment and research

Business modules

Job offers



Other content modules


Content page

Modal Window

Picture and Image Gallery




Our digital strategy has transformed a disparate set of distributors into a powerful network of business partners.
Retail challenge achieved !

Our marketing approach and our site generator allowed the brand to reinforce the consistency of its dealer communication by allowing each member of the network to personalize the content of its site.

years of successfull collaboration
more than
sites created with the site generator
managed languages
+100 %
traffic in the network
countries equipped